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A-157 Trigger Sequencer Final Prototype?

A new picture has been posted to the Facebook Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular Synthesizer group of what appears to be the latest version of the A-157 Trigger Sequencer (or Mini Schaltwerk) prototype design.
This new version (prototype 3?) has even more buttons, 32 more than prototype 2 to be exactly, that brings the total to 160(!) buttons.

The picture seems to come from Dieter Doepfer himself , the latest panel design comes with new features like mute , invert , and left/right buttons for each row that can shift a row one step to the left or right. This is probably the final design, and forms a complete trigger sequencer with the A-157-2 (8 separate trigger output module) and the A-157-3 (basic controller).

Doepfer was also planning a more complex control module A-157-4 that allows additional functions like 128 memories for trigger sequences, different clock/start/stop/reset for 2 or 4 groups of rows (e.g. common for rows 1-4 and 5-8, or in pairs), independent first/last step for each ro…

Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb Demo by Computing Sound

The Computing.Sound YouTube channel will host videos mainly around music, music technology and sound.
There will be demos, reviews and original music/soundscapes. Today they posted this nice and long  Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb (audio) demo.

Video: Doepfer A 199 SPRV Spring Reverb Demo

" Hope the video is helpful.
0:08 A-118 Noise -- A-148 Sample & Hold ( A-147 VCLFO as trigger) -- selfresonating A-108 VCF8 as Osc. -- A-199 SPRV
02:36 As before, but this time I send the wet (Reverb Out) and the dry (Mix Out, full Orig. signal)
into the A-114 Ring Mod..
05:36 A-110-1 VCO -- A-108-1 Filter (filter modulation with ADSR, triggered by A-161) -- A-131 VCA -- A-199
06:55 A-118 Noise + Random Volt -- A-108 VCF8
09:11 Arturia Microbrute (internal sequencer) -- A-199 Spring Reverb
Uploaded by Computing.Sound

Random Video: Driving the Spaceship - Drones and LFOs by kv3x

More weird sounds from Jim Czech's studio...

Video: Driving the Spaceship - Drones and LFOs by kv3x

" So I snuck the spaceship out of the garage the other night.
Once I got it started, wow, what a ride! Cruising around, carrying on, warp speed, zipping past planets, shooting space rocks, running through the gears, making noise. Well, it's all fun and games until something goes wrong.
There you are, stalled out, broken down, in some dark corner of a far away galaxy. Come on, start, come ooonn...! Oh, yeah, you can be sure I will hear about this one. I'll probably be grounded for-ev-eer!

Synthrotek Chaos Nand (DIY), CV modulated by a Doepfer A-143-4 (and the triangle Sum out into the Sag of the Nand, too), mixed with output from a Pittsburgh Modular VILFO.
The square wave Sum out was run to the 1V/Oct input of Oscillator 1 of the Make Noise DPO. The Osc 1 triangle output was sent to the same Analogue Solutions MX-61.
The positive out of the MX-61 was fed into the Erica…

BookTip XVI: The Synthesizer by Mark Vail

Music journalist, historian, teacher, and performer Mark Vail is the author of the new book 'The Synthesizer: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding, Programming, Playing, and Recording the Ultimate Electronic Music Instrument' (2014), published by Oxford University Press, as well as classic Vintage Synthesizers (1993, 2000) book.
He has developed an elective music curriculum based on Propellerhead Reason and has taught 6th through 12th grade students at private schools in Sacramento and San Jose, California, since 2003.

In his latest book he explains the important developments throughout the history of the synthesizer and how engineers, musicians, and visionaries have advanced its capabilities.
He gives important practical tips on choosing a synthesizer and reveals the deep creativity and imagination of those who work with synthesizers
The book is thoroughly illustrated with over 350 images

" Electronic music instruments weren't called synthesizers until the 1950s, b…

Doepfer A-101-6 Six Stage VC Opto FET Filter/Phaser Update

In march of this year Doepfer announced the
A-101-1 Six Stage VC Opto FET Filter/Phaser.
This week however, Dieter released a statement about this module:

" After playing around with the module and the comments of people who tried the prototype we are no longer sure if we will release the A-101-6. The circuit is a bit complex (especially because of the filter mode switching which requires altogether about 20 electronic double-throw switches) and consequently the module will be a bit expensive.  And the FETs generate a lot of distortion in the sound as they are not linear circuits (like the vactrols). I think we will do some sound examples and then ask interested customers if they are willing to pay the price. Maybe we offer a lower priced version of the module (< Euro 100) with jumpers instead of the electronic switches. In this case the user will be able to configure the module by means of the jumpers as lowpass, highpass or allpass.

Best wishes
Dieter Doepfer"  Source: Ya…

Analog Bytes tbDSP Eurorack Module

Via MATRIXSYNTH i stumbled upon this module:

The Analog Bytes tbDSP is a modular synth that is currently under development.
So far it is hard to describe what this eurorack kameleon does exactly, but they do try to explain it on their website.

"With tbDSP we set out to create not only the most powerful DSP synthesizer platform in Euro, but also a platform that could evolve over time.
At the heart of this goal is the ability to add functionality and make improvements once the module has been released into the wild.
To support this, we put a USB port on the module and developed PC and Mac applications so that when a new idea pops into our heads, we can share it with everyone that owns the module. Likewise, it will allow users to influence development...

..."My appreciation of the old Atari POKEY sound chip compelled me to recreate its guts in a tbDSP engine.
Some might argue that doing so is a waste of perfectly good DSP, but I saw an opportunity to make an engine with featur…

Frequency Central Ultra Wave LFO Demo by @DivKid

@DivKid uploaded a nice demonstration of his Frequency Central Ultra Wave LFO.
The Ultra Wave is a fully expanded version of the Wave Runner LFO. It’s a multi-waveform sync-able LFO based on the Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code, but with some significant additions and improvements. The WAVERUNNER 1 PIC and code is exclusive to Frequency Central and was developed specifically for the Wave Runner/Ultra Wave, and is not compatible with similar modules.
Ultra Wave has both manual and CV control of frequency, clock multiple, waveform and wave distortion. Additionally there’s sync input and output level CV input. Two outputs, LFO and clock.

Ultra Wave comes as a two PCB set, together with a PIC and front panel. PCBs are parallel with the panel, so it’s skiff friendly too!

Video: EURORACK MODULE - Frequency Central - Ultra Wave

" Here I have the new Frequency Central Ultra Wave tempo syncable LFO module with exclusive code only used for Frequency Central.
Head to www.frequencycentral.…

Modular Wild Presents Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noisering by Raul Pena

Raul Pena just began a new series.
This time it's all about the Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noisering Analog Data Resonator Module.
Basically its a Richter NoiseRing in eurorack format. Sanctioned by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizer Company, this module is the same as the original Wiard Model 1210, only in 14hp eurorack format.
This module features:
a Digital Noise SourcePseudo Random Shift RegisterClock Input with External Rate control knobClock OutputNoise Output2 Random Voltage OutputsChance Input

Video 1: Modular Wild Presents Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noisering " A brief overview of the Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noisering. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 2: Modular Wild Presents SOUNDS-Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noisering Random Cvs

" An exploration of the Malekko Heavy Industry Richter Noiserings two random outs. Examples using the N+1 and 2n outputs are shown. Several short examples are included with attenuation applied to the cvs. Soun…

Random Video: Mutable Yarns Random Test Patch by WeLoveEvolTV

WeLoveEvolTV uploaded a cool jam featuring the Mutable Instruments Yarns MIDI Interface module.

Video: Mutable Yarns Random Test Patch (Love the Module!)

" Yarns in 2m Mode, CV Channel 1 and 2 Sequencing, CV 3 and 4 in Oscilator Mode which are played from the Sequences 1 and 2 . Yarns also clocking the Doepfer A-160 Clock Divider. Bass Drum comes from the Borg 2 and the Drum Loop from Phonogene. Some eventide and Vermona FX from the Desk. No other Sequencer or Computer Stuff, except for the Recording. "

Uploaded by WeLoveEvolTV .

Ladik Eurorack Synare 3-Clone Announced

Yesss... I was kinda waiting for some manufacturer to release a Synare 3-clone in Eurorack format, and now Czech company Ladik finally did it.
I already knew that they were making great sounding non-Eurorack Synare clones, but this one is just
The demo isn't showing it's full potential IMHO, but already convincing enough for me

The complete set contains 3 modules:
C-510 "Synare 1" - trigger input, envelopes, vca (4HP)
O-510 "Synare 2" - 2x oscillator, noise source, LFO (4HP)
F-510 "Synare VCF" - filter with 4 outputs and +CV and -CV inputs (8HP)

Quality components, silver coated PCBs, laser marked panel.
Width: 8+4+4=16TE/ 16HP.
Depth: max. 55mm /2,2"
Current: 40mA total
Power ribbon cables (3x) included (handy 20cm, 16/10pin).

Price: $286.28 - via eBay:

Video: …

Erica Synths Polivoks VCF Clone Video by @DivKid

DivKid uploaded another modular synth video, exploring the Erica Synths Polivoks VCF Clone.

Video: EURORACK MODULE - Erica - Polivoks VCF Clone

" Check out the thread on the Muff Wiggler forum for the DIY build and documentation for this module here

For those that want to skip through ...
1.00 - I cover filtering analogue waveforms with various input levels and resonance in low pass and band pass mode
6.18 - CV inputs - LFO
7.25 - Audio rate modulation
9.03 - CV inputs - Response to varying envelopes with the WMD Multimode Envelope
11.16 - Acid style patch
12.43 - Self oscillation and creating kicks and percussion
14.05 - Simple Bassline and smooth filtering
14.59 - Digital wavetables and sample & hold modulation
16.01 - Filtering drum loops.
So that's it, hope you like the video. As always feel free to comment/like and ask questions. Subscribe to the channel for more videos coming soon."