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ADDAC210 Open Heart Surgery Announced

Wow! this is really amazing!
Pure Eurorack-DIY-p*rn if you ask me...

(a follow-up post to this can be found HERE)
ADDAC announced the details of their latest module this week.
It's a pretty cool concept: A eurorack and Arduino development board.

The ADDAC210 Open Heart Surgery features:

- On/Off Power switch
- Current consumption 3 led display with short circuit protection shutdown via electro-mechanical relays triggered when above 700mA:
150mA, 400mA, 700mA/OFF
- Arduino shield headers in the back, usb cable comes out from the side, all Arduino pins in the front panel!
- Main power connections:
-12V, GND, +12V
- Secondary power connections (variable voltage regulators) adjustable via the front panel small trimpots:
-3/10V, +3/10V
- Frontpanel parts:
1x breadboard, 2x 10K Pots, 1x 50k Pot, 2x 100k Pots, 1x 1M Pot, 4x Leds, 1x Photocell
2x SPST (normally open) push switches
1x DPDT (on/on) toggle switch
1x SPDT (on/on) toggle switch
2x SPDT (on/off/on) toggle switches

Modular Synth Basics Tutorial series by The Tuesday Night Machines

Felix, known for his earlier Eurorack videos and perhaps better known as 'The Tuesday Night Machines' has started a completely new video series.
The first videos in his "Modular Synth Basics" series, show what a Eurorack Modular Synthesizer is and tells all about the basic control signals.

Modular Synth Basics #01: What's a modular synth?

" What is a modular synthesizer? What is the Eurorack format? Subscribe for more videos

Modular Synth Basics #02: CV, Gate, Trigger & MIDI

" What are Control Voltages/CV, Gate Signals, Triggers and MIDI data? You'll need (almost) all of them to control your Eurorack modular synthesizer! Subscribe for more videos:
Modular Synth Basics #03: How to start?

" Some thoughts on how to start building a Eurorack modular synth system? Subscribe for more videos "

Random Video: ISO Modular Vid test by Isotroposhere

I stumbled upon this one today... a quite interesting looking and sounding Eurorack noodle by Isotroposhere.

Video: ISO Modular Vid test by Isotroposhere

" Hello again channel subscribers, I'm back online and have joined the twenty-first century by getting a cell phone, a new cmptr., internet at home, and a tablet soon to be on it's way.
This is my first test using said equipment but the same old stuff coming from the music room.
These first couple of videos to follow were actually taped right before the tube here dropped my ancient format mpeg1, work security cracked down and disallowed personal uploading of sorts, and my trusty, dusty, windows 2K, dual 333Mhz processor, scuzzy harddrived tan box is starting to do funky things.
Many new videos featuring reviews of kits and projects with be forthcoming if all of this new gear behaves as I hope it does.
I held out for as long as I could pouring my hard earn cash into the music room gear but "progress" has forced me…

Modular Wild Presents PROFILE - Steady State Fate Propagate

Another new episode of Raul Pena's Modular Wild series.
This time he takes a look at the Steady State FatePropagate module.

Video 1: Modular Wild Presents PROFILE- Steady State Fate Propagate

" A short overview of the basic features of the Steady State Fate Propagate,Quad Gate Delay/Quad PWM VCO. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 2: Modular Wild Presents SOUNDS- Steady State Fate- Propagate- Quad PWM VCO

"A short demonstration of Steady State Fate's Propogate acting as a quad PWM VCO.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 3: Modular Wild Presents SOUNDS Steady State Fate Propagate Gate Delay

" A short demonstration of a few of the possibilities using the SSF Propagate as a gate delay.Sound and Video by Raul Pena. "

Video 4: Modular Wild Presents Steady State Fate-Propagate-Modulation of Delay and Space
" A short example of modulation of Delay and Space with the Steady State Fate Propagate.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."
Other places to fi…

Teia Synthesizers Stochastic Function Generator plus Expander

Teia Sythesizers is another new Eurorack manufacturer from Portugal.
Earlier this month they announced their first products, the Stochastic Function Generator and the SFG Expander.

" The basic concept is, every time you feed a gate/trigger to the "Gate in" input the module randomizes a Rise(Attack) and Fall(Decay) value between the minimum and maximum knob settings.
It has multiple uses, from playing subtle swing variations to crazy envelope shapes. 
Setting the Maximum knob value below the Minimum knob value will cancel the stochastic process and it will work as a regular Attack and Decay envelope.

This is an hybrid circuit, this means the Function Generator (AKA Envelope Generator) core is analog and there is also a micro-controller to spice things up. Features overview:
-Random Rise and Fall determined by Maximum and Minimum knobs.
-Maximum knob value below the Minimum knob value module works as regular envelope generator.
-Switchable between Gate and Trigger.

Random Video: Love my Modular #1 - Doepfer MAQ16/A-100 with Mutable Braids - Geiger Counter + FX

Now this is more the way i like it... a great example of a more melodic and hypnotizing patch on a simple system, controlled by only a Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer.
Video:  Love my Modular #1 - Doepfer MAQ16/A-100 with Mutable Braids - Geiger Counter + FX

" ...some random Knob twizzlin on my beloved Modular System. No Computa, only Doepfer MAQ 16/A-100 - Mutable Braids - WMD Geiger Counter - Eventide Timefactor - Ensoniq DP4+ "

Uploaded by WeLoveEvolTV On Google+

Modular Wild Presents - Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo by Raul Pena

Another new Modular Wild Presents series, this time all about the Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo.
Brought to you by Raul Pena...

Video 1: Modular Wild Presents SOUNDS-Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo

"A short demonstration of a few basic sounds with the Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo. Sound and Video by Raul Pena. "

Video 2: Modular Wild Presents SOUNDS-Synthrotek EKO Voltage Controlled Echo - Modulation and Attenuation

" A short demonstration some of the modulation possibilities with the Synthrotek EKO. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."
New episodes will be added on Mondays...
Other places to find Raul's World of Synths on the Web: raulsworldofsynths on YouTube raulsworldofsynths on Vimeo raulsworldofsynths on SoundCloud raulsworldofsynths at iTunes raulsworldofsynths at CDBABY

Quadraphonic Basics with Doepfer A-100 System Tutorials by Raul Pena

Raul Pena's latest Doepfer tutorial series is all about Quadraphonic sound.
Find more about Quadraphonic sound on Wikipedia:

Video 1: Quadrophonic Basics with Doepfer A-100 System Part One-Patch #1

" A short introduction discussing quadrophonic sound using a Doepfer System 100. Beginning of Patch example #1 with Quadrophonic sound using the Doepfer A144. Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 2: Quadrophonic Basics with Doepfer A-100 System Part Two- Patch #1

" Continued exploration discussing quadrophonic sound using a Doepfer System 100. with Patch example #1 with Quadrophonic sound using the Doepfer A144.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."

Video 3: Quadrophonic Basics with Doepfer A-100 System Part Two- Patch #2

"A continued exploration of a second quadraphonic sound patch with a Doepfer A-100 system. This patch involves the A174 joystick explored in a different series. Sound and video by Raul Pena.

Video 4: Quad…

Random Video: Yuri Space Patch by Swan Messiah

This next video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday by Swan Messiah, 'Creator of the Doom Drone Experimental Metal', who recently got into Eurorack modular synthesis.
Here's his first experiment... a spacey tribute to Yuri Gagarin.

Video: Yuri Space Patch by Swan Messiah

" My first foray into modular eurorack synthesis.
Pittsburgh Modular LFO2 clocking;
Pittsburgh Modular Sequencer controlling;
Bubblesound VCOb through;
Doepfer A-106-1 Xtreme Filter &
Flight of Harmony IMP through;
Circuit Abbey Gravity Well mixed through;
Pittsburgh Modular Dual VCA.
Various parameters controlled via;
Flight of Harmony Choices (joystick module).
Mono out through Boss PS-2 delay into;
Crappy 2 watt amp. shot with;
Crappy iPhone camera in low light."
Uploaded by Swan Messiah
Follow Swan Messiah on Twitter:
On Bandcamp: 

Soundmachines BI1 Brain-interface Announced

The next module by the Italian company Soundmachines might BLOW YOUR MIND in multiple kinds of ways...
With their latest announced module you will be able to control your modular (or your synth) with your brain.

The module is compatible with the battery-operated MindWave Mobile (by NeuroSky) headset.
The Mindwave Mobile was chosen for its low cost and rather good EEG capabilities.
The headset is connected to the module via a Bluetooth link, so that NO wires are running from the modular to your head.

It features: - Attention (focus) and Meditation macro states - Variable smoothing - EEG Raw signal with gate generation
8 EEG power spectrum bands: - delta (0.5 - 2.75Hz) - theta (3.5 - 6.75Hz) - low-alpha (7.5 - 9.25Hz) - high-alpha (10 - 11.75Hz) - low-beta (13 - 16.5Hz) - high-beta (18 - 29.7Hz) - low-gamma (31 - 39.75Hz) - high-gamma (41 - 49.75Hz)

- Planned MIDI expansion - Configurable (midi-channel,cc, etc...) with included serial interface

Soundmachines is expecting to release thi…